Tuesday Mewsday: The Other Woman

It’s not that I’ve been supplanted in Melissa’s affections, but I am having to share her. With whom? With Miss Timmy Belle BonChance. Let me tell you, Melissa has fallen hard for this girl.
Timmy eating
Timmy started out a skittish little thing—grateful for the food, but careful to keep her distance.

But in the last few weeks, Timmy has suddenly come around.
Timmy getting a pet
She wants pets. She enjoys company in the yard. And she has made clear her dream of becoming an indoor cat. Poor Melissa has had to gently ease Timmy away from the door on more than one occasion.

Archy has had his booster vaccines. Next up are Damian and Maggie. After that, Timmy will get hers—and then we’ll see what happens when Melissa doesn’t stop her from walking through the door.

4 Replies to “Tuesday Mewsday: The Other Woman”

  1. aha! Another Catsavers group. Congratulations on the newest addition to your pride.

    I have a friend who has four cats of her own, two strays and two persians, and then a mother kitty raised four kittens under the house through a small opening. Two of the kittens are now inside and about 8 months was all that took, and two are very well settled into the basement access room in nice digs. They don’t QUITE want to come all the way in. All are now spayed and neutered. She loves them all but won’t be taking in anymore any time soon.

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