Not Tuesday, But Worth a Mewsday

I think Melissa and I may need to frame a copy of this to keep at home.

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Meanwhile, I am chugging away at the Japanese shawl (two more rows and I’ll be done with the 42-row section, leaving “only” the 16-row and 62-row sections to go). I’m worried that my penchant for bright colors may not serve me well on this project. It will be pretty in the abstract, but I’m not sure that a great sweep of lime and magenta is what I need about my shoulders.

I’m impressed with the new Knitty. I will definiely be knitting Sourwood soon. Aeolian and Shipwreck are also calling to me. Be sure to scroll down for the full picture of Shipwrech so you can appriate the lace patterning.

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  1. You picked my favorite three projects, though I have knit some mitts rather like Sourwood (not with the fancy sideways cuff, though). The two lace shawls are making me dream….

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