Tuesday Mewsday: What—Found a Mitten? You Naughty Kitten!

We are not completely certain Sparky is at fault, but we have our suspicions.

Exhibit A: a handknit, thrummed mitten, brown with green thrums in my yard.

Exhibit B: a handknit, fingerless mitten in black with dark grey heathering found in the Next-Doors’ yard.

Exhibit C: an LLBeane fine-gauge glove in oatmeal-colored wool found in the Next-Doors’ yard.

Exhibit D: a navy wool mitten, found in the Next-Doors’ yard.

Exhibit E: a dark grey, heathered watch cap in what looks to be a wool-alpaca blend, found in the Next-Doors’ yard.

None of these belong to me. None of them belong to the Next-Doors. Neither of us has regular streams of fumble-fingered wool-wearers passing through our yards.

Apparently, a stash weasel is at work!

P.S. Isn’t there a childrens’ book on this theme? I believe the solution offered there is to clothespin found items to a tree along the sidewalk.

8 Replies to “Tuesday Mewsday: What—Found a Mitten? You Naughty Kitten!”

  1. What is a “thrummed” mitten? Is this a knitting term? Anyway – maybe y’all have a spastic burglar in the ‘hood. One that wears watch caps & mittens, but keeps losing them…
    Only the Shadow knows…

  2. This blog sent me to Google to find out what a “thrummed mitten” was – a new term for me. Maybe down in S Calif. we don’t need mittens that warm!

  3. That is hilarious! My sister’s cats like wool, too and find ways of transporting her gloves, etc. throughout the house. I wasn’t too happy when she reported that one of the hand knit socks I had made her was picked out as a cat toy, though. (Luckily it was rescued before chewing occurred.) I’ve made all of her cats knitted catnip mice, you’d think they could leave the socks alone!

  4. I know this is over 18 months later, but…
    there is a photo on icanhascheezburger of a cat on a fence lined with gloves, and a sign saying the cat is a glove thief, and if you see your glove there to take it. I thought I had it saved, but haven’t been able to find it.

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