I Have Not Been Blogging Much

… as Melissa pointed out to me this morning. I am in the middle of a real-world-job-somehow-demanding-increasingly-large-chunks-of-my-days, working-on-patterns-that-I-might-want-to-submit-somewhere-and-which-are-therefore-top-secret,
and no-computer-at-homedness-that-prevents-evening-blogging nexus, which all make for a boring and sporadic blog.

I did have my first-ever working retail experience this past Friday (oh, the sheltered life I’ve led!). Margaret, the owner of my LYS The Golden Fleece, had to take a one-day class, so she called on several of us who are general hangers-about and occasional helpers to actually run things for the day. I had the shop all to myself for two hours in the early afternoon, then was joined by my friend Chris and an actual yarn-store employee, Liz, for the rest of the day. I did my best to be unfailingly pleasant to customers both reasonable and unreasonable alike and to avoid saying “you’ll have to ask Margaret about that once she’s back” more than was absolutely necessary. I did not screw up once on the register. (I confess that I was not allowed to touch the electric yarn winder. That was left for Chris and Liz as my one interaction with it in the past was tragic enough that no-one is willing to risk a repeat.)

My compensation (oh, yes, any day now you’ll see me along the side of the road, holding up a clumsily hand-lettered “will work for yarn” sign) was four skeins of Plymouth Kudo—one of their yummy new spring yarns that is a cotton/rayon/silk blend.
Kudo yarn
That’s the colorway I chose.

I haven’t started working yet with my skeins, but I am knitting a little kerchief out of it for a shop sample and am experiencing some lovely fiber bliss. The pattern, Alegoro, is from Classic Elite’s new booklet Johns Bay. Here’s a peek at what I’ve got so far—
The yarn is soft, soft, soft, with a nice drape, and shows the stitches well.

And now it is back to my stack of student papers for the moment, with a knitting break in a few hours if I’m productive enough.

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  1. I lurv those colors in the sample you are knitting, so unusual. I guess they are actually the colors of natural wools. Really lovely.

    I’ve actually worked LYS retail, and some customers can be quite a handful, so I admire you no end taking on that job for the day. Wow!

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