Odds and Ends

I’m in the middle of post-holiday, start-of-the-quarter chaos (actually chaos is too strong a word, but I can’t think of another), trying to juggle an assortment of unrelated responsibilities and activities. I didn’t make any resolutions per se, but I am trying to get things more in order and to establish some better habits.

• Cats. I DO have a home for Penny, but it’s near Seattle, so I’m still trying to find a way to get her there. If worst comes to worst, I can buy myself a one-day round-trip airline ticket and take her as carry-on, but the ticket would have to go on my credit card, and I’m trying not to use it. I’ve been posting on various animal rescue sites looking for someone who’s going that way and would be willing to take her along, but no luck yet. If anyone out there can help, let me know. I’m very excited about getting Penny to her new home as she and I have been having lovely cuddle sessions the last few evenings while Bea and Sparky have been out—I’ve enjoyed these, but they also remind that she needs more affection and attention than I can give her to be fully happy. Once she gets to a place where she doesn’t have to share the laps with other cats, she’s going to be in heaven!

• Exercise. After fighting a losing battle all of last year to lose some weight by eating less, I’ve decided to try another strategy and to really work at getting movement and physical activity into my life. If I can get my body to start feeling stronger and capable, that pleasure should help motivate me to work on healthy eating. I’ve got a twice-a-week-at-the-gym, twice-a-week-activity-with-Melissa, plus regular stretching plan going and have genuinely enjoyed it so far. Yesterday for one of our two weekly activities, Melissa and I headed to the local roller rink. We were both ridiculously wobbly at first, but got a bit steadier as we went on. We only lasted about a half-hour, but enjoyed it enough that we plan to keep going and see if we can build up our stamina. In particular I loved those wonderful, gliding moments when the skates moved smoothly under me and I felt my body sailing along with the music. That combination of sound and movement is so satisfying to me.

• Knitting. I’ve just finished another neck-warmer pattern and would like to write a hat pattern to go with it, but while the neck-warmer required increases, the hat requires decreases—and inserting these while maintaining the several pattern stitches I’m using has me stumped. Chris and I are also preparing for the Beginner’s Lace Knitting workshop we’ll be offering at our LYS on the 17th. I’ve got the pattern charted, but want to write out detailed directions that will make not just this pattern, but the whole genre of triangular shawls clear for first-timers.

• Food. As part of the exercising-not-dieting campaign, Melissa and I are trying a bi-weekly program that delivers local, organic produce to one’s home. We’re hoping that the delivery will make it feel exciting—like a gift—and that having things on hand will keep us from eating out so often.

I hope everyone else’s year is off to a good start, with knitting, health, and appropriate animal companions to add to the everyday joys.

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  1. Happy New Year, Sarah-Rose!

    We also have a weekly organic produce delivery and we give it a big thumbs-up. It helps to focus our diets and food budget toward more vegetables. Sounds like your new year is off to a great start!

  2. I applaud your efforts to move and eat better (and help a sweet kitty in need)! The eating better/not eating out as much thing gets easier – I think the moving thing does too – or at least I tend to think that just before the time that I fall off the wagon 😉 I think that 10-week to build a habit thing is a crock. It takes me years! I have a post coming at some point on the eating thing – if I can ever finish it (whoops, that would be another goal that will take a while to make a habit – posting more often!)

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