My Picks from Spring/Summer Drops

I have such fun when the pictures for the new season of Drops patterns are posted, though I’m finding a bit less that charms me this time around than I udually do—but that may be due to my cold or to the nature of summer knits. As a result, I don’t have ten favorites this time, but I have picked out six that I’ll be looking for over the next few months.

l-089 (aren’t those Drops pattern names poetical?):
A cute, simple bag that would work well in any of the organic cotton yarns currently on the market.

Not really summer wear and the mohair might itch, but definitely worth having a go at in Malabrigo when autumn’s a bit closer.

A graceful lttle piece.

This would look terrible on me, but I think it would be great fun to knit.

This one I can definitely imagine wearing.

Ok—this would make many women look like linebackers, but wouldn’t it beit knida cool on the right person?

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  1. Yo7uur picks and mine don’t overlap, but here are my favorites: r-534, fa-074, n-076, and r-523. Not that Iwill do anyone them, I have enough projects and need to finish what I have!

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