Further Frivolity: David & Bing

I couldn’t resist. Here’s another…

I really, truly will write about knitting again one of these days.

P.S. I’m dedicating this one to my friend Magda from forensic anthropology class, who made the ultimate sacrifice of missing a presentation by the Santa Cruz Coroner on ballistics so that she could see David Bowie get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Wherever you are now, Magda, I hope you’re enjoying interesting bones and great music!

2 Replies to “Further Frivolity: David & Bing”

  1. God damn, I love David Bowie. 🙂
    There must be some David Bowie-themed knitting projects out there… not that I’m telling you what you should knit next, or anything…

  2. Alex,
    PLEASE don’t give her any ideas! I’m stating here for the record that I will only test knit Ziggy Stardust legwarmers under…..

    Yeah, I love you SH, but I’m not test knitting David Bowie stuff!

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