Tuesday Mewsday: Waiting for Santa

Penny curled up in her favorite spot

Sweet Penny is still waiting for Santa to bring her a new home. Or perhaps to slip her into his bag and take her to a home of her own. None of the possibilities we’ve encountered so far has come through, but Penny knows there’s someone out there who will love just her.

For some inexplicable reason, both Bea and Sparky insisted on being outside Sunday night, even though it was raining. This meant that lucky Penny got to come upstairs and sleep on the bed. As I’ve mentioned, coming upstairs into Bea-and-Sparky territory makes her nervous, so we had a good twenty minutes of chuffing and patrolling of borders before she settled down. But once she’d decided she was safe, she curled up next to me with a purr so heartfelt it was almost bed-shaking. Every time I rolled over or resettled myself, she cozied back up and doubled the volume on her purr.

Please, please, please, if you can think of anyone who might need a one-pet cat, tell them about Penny. She deserves to be so happy every night—not just on those few occasions when I manage to steal a moment alone with her. If you live at a distance, but are interested, let me know. I’m willing to literally go the extra mile if that will give her the home she needs.

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