Pangea Shawl Step 5

Hooray! If you’ve made it this far, your Pangea Shawl is almost done. Click here to print out the final step. Click here for larger Chart H and larger Chart I, if you’d like.

I found the last nine rows—which are true lace, with increases and decreases on both right and wrong side—a bit challenging, but Chris says they went smoothly for her. Just don’t give in to any temptation to sip a bit of wine as you’re finishing up: early celebration could be disastrous!

Here’s Chris’s finished version of the shawl in a holiday setting.
The Pangea shawl; something lovely this way comes

And here’s one more look at my version of the shawl.
The Pangea shawl draped on the barbecue

Don’t forget to email me a picture of your finished shawl before noon on November 24 (shATwhatifknitsDOTcom). If you do, you’ll not only be entered into a prize draw for some gorgeous hand-dyed lace-weight. You’ll also be eligible to compete for the Test-Knitter’s Choice Award that Chris will bestow.

2 Replies to “Pangea Shawl Step 5”

  1. Thanks so much for this lovely pattern, Sarah-Hope!

    I’m taking Step 5 with me to my aunt’s funeral (I will be caught up for a week at least). I’m hoping that it will keep me sane! I will post photos as soon as I can, but I reckon I might end up being a week behind. I’m also slightly worried that I’ve ‘calculated’ my yardage correctly… eeek! Fingers crossed.


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