If Money Were No Object

1. Make1’s Year of Lace.

2. 10″ Lantern Moon ebony needles in every size.

3. Addi Lace circulars in every size and length.

4. Three skeins each of Malabrigo Sock in pretty much every colorway.

5. 8 bags of Dream in Color’s Classy in my choice of colors.

6. A honkin’ big order of medium weight Socks that Rock (check out the Raven Clan colorways).

7. A specialist to chart every uncharted stitch in every stitch dictionary I can get my hands on.

8. About six bags each of Elsbeth Lavold silky wool in Bright Turquoise, Vibrant Green, Sunflower, and Pumkin (all on the Spring 06 card 1).

9. About six gross of small, soft rubber stitch markers, unadorned and suitable for lace knitting.

10. Early retirement, so I could enjoy all of the above.

5 Replies to “If Money Were No Object”

  1. OMG! CatBookMom! You are a genious!!! What an awesome idea. Guess I’m stopping at the drug store tomorow!

  2. Over here the lace needles are a LOT cheaper than in the US… The price of them in Germany goes from 6.20 USD to 7.80 USD a pair. Most german online shops sell to the US… Lemme know and I will give you a link 🙂

    Cheers Eva
    PS: I once bought a bag of those tiny black rubber bands used for braiding hair at Wallymart while in the US. Next time I’ll buy the colored ones 🙂

  3. I checked out year of lace. Boy was I tempted. I even started rationalizing the purchase. But I talked myself out of it just as I was about to hit the “Check out” button.

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