Back to Knitting Tomorrow, I Promise

Melissa and I went to bed early last night after a somber and unproductive day. I’m still trying to decide how I can respond to the passage of Proposition 8 in California. But I’ve had a bit of a revelation:

Think of the difference it could make if Barak Obama appointed an out lesbian or gay man to a Cabinet-level position in his new administration. At a time when we’re explicitly being made separate and unequal under law, he could lead the nation in showing respect for the abilities, integrity, and value of all of us with such an appointment. If you agree with me on this, please consider sending him an email, giving him a call—(202) 224-2854—or writing a letter endorsing this idea to your local paper or Democratic Party offices.

Thanks to those of you who have written with kind and thoughtful words. They are comforting and strengthening me right now, and I very much need them.

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  1. I’ve called. I’ll e-mail and write and fight for it. I believe everyone should have the same rights. Knitting is nice, but write about this as much as you need to because it’s important.

    Obama has a big “to-do” list, but I hope gay and lesbian marriage and adoption rights are one of the top issues.

  2. I’ve been thinking of you – and of other friends of ours in CA. I was floored too, always seem to forget those backwoods and conservative areas of CA and was floored that it didn’t pass. I’ll add to the email soon, i promise. But know that the small mindedness of people you’ll never meet (nor want to meet)doesn’t diminish what you guys have in your eyes or in the eyes of those that love you – and someday the eyes of the legal system will will will catch up – it just seems to take painful time,doesn’t it?

  3. Sarah-Hope, I’ve thought of you a lot during the last few weeks. I was proud of how our citizens appeared to have finally grown up enough to elect this man as our President, but heartsick when I heard the fate of Proposition 8. I spent a week in California in October and the tv and radio commercials in favor of Prop 8 disgusted me. How can people believe those things? What if the tables were turned and suddenly all the old, right-wing, conservative people found out that they couldn’t be married? I suppose THAT would be a problem!

    Hang in and hopefully this will be resolved. I’ll send an e-mail.

  4. I just don’t understand it. It’s just so very wrong and, this may sound trite, but it’s just rude. You don’t just cut out an entire segment of your population and pretend they don’t exist. But still expect them to pay taxes, work, and be good citizens. I’m not American but I sent a email message too. I hope our words are heard. 🙂

  5. Ok, I did a little post about gay marriage on my blog and someone reminded me that when President-elect Obama was born, some states didn’t allow interracial marriage. Of course, I think it’s crazy that anyone who loves each other can’t get hitched so why not just cut to the chase and give people the rights they deserve now instead of in 30 years? We all know gay marriage is coming so why can’t we all just embrace the love? As happy as I am that Obama won (and boy am I happy), I’m really angry about the rights being taken from citizens in this last election.

    Straight but not narrow

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