A Last-Minute Plea

Tomorrow is election day, and we are all looking forward to a happy outcome, not to mention an end to the seemingly endless campaigning!

But we would like to ask your indulgence as we make a last-minute plea. Those of you who are regular readers know that Sarah-Hope and I got married last June, following the California Supreme Court’s decision that it is unconstitutional to deny an entire class of citizens the right to fully participate in civic life; specifically, that you cannot deny gays and lesbians the right to marry.

Tomorrow Californians will vote on whether they agree with this decision, or whether they want to encode discrimination into their state’s constitution. Anti-gay forces from around the country are pouring massive amounts of money into a huge campaign of fear-mongering and outright lies, and polls indicate the vote could go either way.

The No on 8 Campaign desperately needs money to get out the vote tomorrow. Please help them, and help ensure that gays and lesbians are granted their full rights as citizens of the state of California. Click here to make a donation now.

Thank you!!!!!!!

P.S. Even if you don’t live in California, this will affect you. California is considered a vital battleground, and if the far right wins here, they will go after each and every state, and probably even the US Constitution.

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