Tuesday Mewsday: Stump Speech

Normally the cats eschew politics in favor of more constructive activities, liking biting shoelaces in half and looking for new spots upon which to cough up hairballs. But every so often an issue of such importance arises that even the most narcoleptic of cats will drag herself up from her nap in order to speak (I guess that would actually be mew) her mind.

Cats say VOTE NO on Prop 8

In an unheard of show of solidarity, Damian, Archy, Penny, Maggie, Bea, and Sparky (clockwise from upper left) have joined together to urge you to vote no on Proposition 8. Having been made legitimate by their mothers’ marriage in June, they have no desire to return to their former shameful state of bastardy.

(I have a few things to say on this subject myself, but I’m still wrestling with the words, so for now I’ll let the kitties speak for me.)

7 Replies to “Tuesday Mewsday: Stump Speech”

  1. Voted against #8 already. The ads tend to make me want to jump up and beat some idiots over the head. It’s tough keeping my mouth shut at my seniors’ group, since many of them are still stuck in the Dumb Ages. But arguing with them would be useless.

  2. I have read various news sources saying this has become a huge issue with people across the country donating money, heck I read they are sending it from outside the country for and against this. I can’t believe it….maybe I can. It’s sad and I wish I could vote there…of course in Mass it’s legal and we are still alive…no damnation and hellfire yet!

  3. Um, not sure what Proposition 8 signifies, but methinks those pusscats are just too gorgeous! What I would give for just one of those babes as my little pet. I shouldn’t have a favourite but, you know…. Damian….

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