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After what’s felt like a bit of a drought (to me, anyway), I’ve been spotting some cute free patterns once again. In case you’re interested, here’s a sampling.

• Life is Uneven, a great cowl, designed by Jessica Price and available at Cut Out + Keep.
life is uneven cowl
It’s knit in bulky yarn, so it should work up quickly, and the variety of stitches looks positively complex (though it’s really quite straightforward).

• Turpan by Deborah Newton and available from
turpan cardi
I love, love, love the texture on this piece and the variety of stitches.

• A new DROPS shoulder piece, with cables and a nice, snug tie front to keep it from flapping about.
DROPS Shoulder Piece
I’m planning to make this in the new Malabrigo wool/silk blend (with maybe a bit of futzing to get gauge).

• Last, but not least, check out these darling goldfish by Susan Dennis.
I’m usually deterred from casting on for little trinkets like these by the thought of all the fiddley bits—but how can I resist?

4 Replies to “Recent Favorites”

  1. Thought I’d stop by after your mention by Clarabelle, it’s been nice to visit you and I’m with you on the glory of the texture in Turpan

  2. I passed the link to the goldfish pattern on to a friend who enjoys making toys. They’re adorable! And that knitter has armloads of incredibly cuddly Baby Bobbi Bears. Great colors and details, and she’s so generous to make them for a local kids’ charity.

  3. Wow, Thank you for the links to these. Turpan and the Goldfish are great finds for my four daughters. Maybe the goldfish will cheer up my oldest redhead who is sweet natured but getting a little cranky. =o)

  4. I’m certainly with you on Turpan, Sarah-Hope, although I think I would have to knit the neckline as tight as poss, so it doesn’t slip down. The textures and shape are beautiful…

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