Pangea Shawl KAL Step 3

This week’s picture is a bit janky: we wound up trying to take it much too late on Sunday night and found ourselves having to cope with all kinds of assistance from various felines. Damian, in particular, was in the mood for a game of “Kiss the Camera.”

Just focus on the bit along the upper right-hand edge that’s in focus and be kind about the blurry bits.
Step 3 illustrated
Note that Chris has run a second red thread along the boundary between steps 2 and 3.

The instructions for Step 3 are here.

The large version of Chart D for the Pangea shawl is here.

To be honest, Step 3 is the most boring step. It’s a continuation of the stitch pattern established at the end of Step 2. The nice part is that you’ll be able to enjoy the undulating lines this stitch adds to the shawl and to see all the texture purls add.

3 Replies to “Pangea Shawl KAL Step 3”

  1. I actually enjoyed Step 3. Easy and lace are not often in the same sentence, so enjoy the knitting this week without much thinking!!

  2. I’m knitting this with laceweight yarn, and am wondering if there is a place I can do extra repeats, to make it bigger. Since the yarn called for is heavier than laceweight. I am enjoying this, it is an easy knit, and very pretty.

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