Pangea Shawl KAL Step 2

Here’s Step 2 for Pangea, again illustrated by Chris’s lovely handiwork in Glaciar Lakes Wasonga from Curious Creek Fibers.

Step 2 of the Pangea shawl

She’s run a red thread through her work at the end of Step 1, so that you can see the new section you’ll be knitting.

For this step, you’ll be finishing up the area you worked in Step 1. After that you’ll work two transition rows, which are written, but not charted. These will bring you up to the right number of stitches to continue on in the new, eight-stitch repeat lace pattern. The decreases in the eight-stitch pattern will be done as purl stitches. They’re mostly P3tog and P2tog, but there are a few P2togTBL—if you’re like me, you’ll need to concentrate a bit more on these (and perhaps stick your tongue out a bit), but they get easier as you go along. Knitting Help has a video of this stitch, just scroll down through the glossary to get to it.

For those of you who want larger charts, click here and here.

I’m so delighted to have people enjoying ths pattern and to see the beautiful pieces you’re working up and the yarns you’ve chosen. Keep me posted on how it’s going and feel free to send pics of your WIPs to me at shATwhatifknitsDOTcom, so I can share them with everyone else.

Note: On Chart B (both versions) the divided carat symbol stands for Sl2, K1, PSSO. My apologies for not catching that one—if you’re not sure if you have the corrected version, click here for the full instructions, and here for the large chart.

5 Replies to “Pangea Shawl KAL Step 2”

  1. Great stuff, and thanks for all the info! Off to print out Step 2…

    I’m knitting my Pangea as a Christmas present for one of my sisters. It’s in a laceweight yarn, so it may be that I might like to lengthen the shawl at some point. Will there be a particular section where you can do this?


  2. I enjoy shopping at Golden Fleece. Yesterday I stopped in and Margret showed me your beautiful shawl. I purchased Malabrigo(lace weight)and started it last night.

    I see by your other blogs your political views. I am a conservative Catholic Republican. We do agree on the beauty of knitting.

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