Pangea Shawl KAL Step 1—and Prize Draw!

Get out your needles and start knitting! Here’s the PDF for Step 1 of the Pangea Shawl—just click and print.

The Pangea shawl draped on the barbecue

When I started knitting this piece in the silk/wool blend, I was thinking moss and lichen and bark—a sort of primordial forest. I was quite content with what I was producing, but at the same time, I kept imagining the shawl in blue as well, the sparkling, clear blue of a shallow, pristine bay above white sands. Hence the name Pangea, to honor a time when our planet was just one great land mass surrounded by one enormous sea.

Thanks to Kristine Brooks of Curious Creek Fibers and my test-knitter Chris, I’m now having the pleasure of watching the blue shawl I imagined come into being to compliment the completed green shawl.

Chris did find a few mistakes in the chart for Step 1 (but none in Step 2!), so I’ve corrected those. Thanks to her help, you’ll have a more satisfactory knitting experience.

I plan to post one step every Monday for the next five weeks. The first few steps will go more quickly than the last few as the row length grows. I’ve tried to divide the knitting up so that most steps will offer you something a bit new (Step 3 is the exception, being a continuation of the second stitch established after the transition rows in Step 2.) At the end of Step 1, here’s what you’ll have:

Step 1 on the Pangea shawl

Step 1 on the Pangea shawl, stretched out

Chris is running a lifeline as she finishes each step so you’ll be able to see where each new segment begins and ends as her shawl grows.

And now for the prize draw.
As an incentive to keep all of you knitting along, I’m putting together a prize draw for the participants. To be entered, you’ll need to finish your shawl within 10 days of when the last step is posted and email me a picture of your completed shawl (shATwhatifknitsDOTcom). I’ll post a gallery of the finished shawls and will draw the name of one lucky winner who will receive a 900+ yard skein of delicious, hand-dyed sock-weight superwash wool from my LYS. I may add other prizes. I’m also thinking of offering a “Viewers’ Choice” prize that could go to the knitter of the completed shawl that gets the most compliments in the comments section. Sound like fun?

The Fine Print
I’m offering this pattern free of charge. Feel free to make photocopies and/or enlargements for your own use. If you want to share the pattern with others, please encourage them to check out this blog and print a pattern for themselves. You are welcome to use the shawl you knit from this pattern as part of a fundraiser for any non-profit (bazaars, raffles, etc.), but please do not sell it for commercial purposes and please do give a shout-out to What If Knits if you can.


Large Pangea chart
Here is a larger version of Chart A for the Pangea shawl as a PDF file.

21 Replies to “Pangea Shawl KAL Step 1—and Prize Draw!”

  1. i’m in too. is there a way for you to post a larger chart? i can’t see the lines on the graph very well.

    can you scan it full size and make a pdf of that?

    thank you. now to check stash.

  2. Adrienne-
    I used a magnetic board with a magnetic ruler for reading the charts. A post-it works also (although they have to replaced often). I’m not a chart-reader by nature and this is the only way I can keep from getting confused (on any chart- not Sarah-Hope’s- hers were perfect!)

  3. hi chris

    i know how to read charts. my problem is that the chart is too small for me to read very well.

    i use the magnetic board and ruler too.

  4. Ok. On that one I enlarge it on a copier as much as possible while cursing the day I turned 40! (I also think that’s why I prefer written instructions!)

  5. I am in. Checking Stash also.
    I agree with Adrienne is there anyway to make the chart bigger.

    Thanks looking forward to the fun.

  6. Hi All–

    My apologies for the small chart. It’s a by-product of the limited sizes that graph paper come in and the capacity of our scanner. Please feel free to photocopy the chart in order to enlarge it.

    I’m saving up so that the next time I publish a shawl pattern I should have a good charting program that will make things easier for all of us.


  7. Good news! Melissa will do a larger, jpeg version of the chart. She’ll be adding a link to that to today’s posting, so check back in a bit and your wishes will be fulfilled.


  8. The shawl is truly lovely and the concept and name are a perfect fit.

    Here’s my question(s):

    What weight yarn and yardage did you use? I’d love to knit this up in some laceweight I spun in a lovely planet earth blue/green but don’t want to start knitting without some idea of the yardage you used.

    Could you let us know the wpi on the yarn and the yardage you used?

    thanks so much for sharing this pattern,

  9. Never mind!!

    I just opened the first clue – I read the comments so I just opened the large chart — the info I was looking for was in the first clue — duh!!

    At a conservatively estimated 931 yards, I’m going to go for it with my handspun!


  10. Wow, fantastic stuff, S-H!

    I’m a couple of days behind (too much going on in my life atm…), but I will catch up asap! Off to print the chart out…


  11. Hurray! I’ve saved the PDFs and I’ll start on this as soon as I choose a yarn. Thanks for the hard work turning this into a beautiful pattern to be shared by your fans!

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