Odds and Ends (and a Belated, Token Nod to Tuesday Mewsday)

I have been a bit scattered lately and have cast aside all my major projects for simple, semi-instant-gratification ones: a poncho on 10.5 needles (finished, but disappointing), an inexpensive 5″ x 5″ cat needlepoint, lots of sudoku.

What have I been avoiding (beside various things at work)? The knitted-on border for my Kerry Blue Shawl, since I just can’t quite decide on the right stitch and I’ve wearied of the whole k-n-i-t: t-i-n-k thing. My lovely big shawl in Rustic, for which I charted a sixty-row border pattern quite a while back—but if one things is more daunting than charting a sixty-row stitch, it’s knitting the darn thing up.

If I were a magician, this would be the moment where I wave my hands about wildly, crack jokes, and do all I can to distract you. Instead, let me share a few pictures from the archives that have never made it into the blog.

We have the simultaneously darling and creepy pork sausage sign from an abandoned factory in San Jose.
Pork sausage sign

Then, there’s the demonstration of ways non-beer-drinking knitters can use those little beer slings that get built into camping chairs.
Alternative use for beer sling

Finally, here’s a shot of the cupcakes at the party Melissa and I held in August to celebrate our wedding.
Wedding cupcakes
Cupcakes may say “marriage!” But cupcakes with kittens on them? They positively scream “two crazy cat ladies uniting their lives!”

3 Replies to “Odds and Ends (and a Belated, Token Nod to Tuesday Mewsday)”

  1. Awww, don’t worry, S-H: I’m sure the knitting-ennui will be shortlived. I’ve felt like that a time or two recently, but then there’s just some amazing new pattern that sparks me off again!

    The kitten-cakes are wonderful!

  2. love the cupcake mantra and the piggy sign – I’ve used those chair things for my yarn too (beer goes on the floor),but the cakes have to be down a bit to fit, i’ve found….

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