Had I But Yarn Enough and Time

I’m not always big on Vogue Knitting. Sometimes it offers worthwhile articles—the series on lace knitting several years ago, for example—but the patterns are often far too “fashion forward” to be of any actual use to me. (If I live to be 300 I will still not have reached a point where I’m ready to wear big-ass knits or knit tube tops or, well, you know what I mean.) But the new holiday issue offers some really nice pieces.

I particularly like the pieces in the Moonlight Sonata section—lots and lots of interesting texture and plenty of lace knitting for those of us who enjoy it.
VK Moonlight

Because I’ve been working to get Pangea ready for the knit-along, I haven’t been starting new projects, but if I were to cast on another shawl right now I’d choose either the Mariposa Shawl
Mariposa Shawl
(pattern $5 from South West Trading Company)


Lumiruusu Shawl
(free pattern, originally in Ulla and now available in English).

Mariposa has a great draw-through front closure of the kind one sees on neck-warmers. Lumiruusu (which means Snow Rose) has well-designed movement from stitch-pattern to stitch-pattern and is marvelously gossamer.

And one last, cute find. Aren’t these bats darling?
little bats
You can purchasethe pattern at Mochimochi Land.

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  1. Love, love, love those bats! I may have to knit a few just because they’re so adorable! Thanks for that find!

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