No doubt Damian is due all the credit—we must have had some kind of kitty magic on the box. After all, he can run like the wind; so wouldn’t he be able to transfer a wee bit of his velocity onto our dishrag parcel?

Team Deuces Wild has officially won Dishrag Tag this year! We are a happy bunch.

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  1. Awesome!


    The USPS hijacked our team (3 days Priority Mail from Illinois to Wisconsin? The states are next to each other!) even though everyone managed next day turnarounds for the most part (I did same day!). But it was still fun!

    Well done, Damian of the Speedy Mojo and his human Knitter-like-the-Wind!

  2. Congratulations and thank you!! I was the one who had to give up my spot on Deuces Wild. I was also the anchor like you were. You did an awesome job! My hand was too injured to compete. I am so glad your fast knitting skills and speedy mojo guy brought the team to this great finish. thanks again, April M.

  3. Hey, it’s your Wisconsin knitting cousin-in-law! I’m jealous of your speed of knitting. I was wondering if you had ever worked with Therapi yarn from South West Trading Company. The fact that it is 30% jadeite (a mineral) fascinates me as both a 6th grade science teacher and social studies teacher. (We were talking about the jade artifacts left by Mayan craftsmen in social studies yesterday and I brought up that I’d seen this yarn in a catalog) Will have to buy a skein and try one of your one skein hats.

  4. Congrats from another of your last year’s teammates! Way to go! Our team is finally on the last person, so should be at the finish line any day now, but it’s great to live vicariously through you.

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