Tuesday Mewsday: Dishrag Tag Edition

I haven’t written much about Dishrag Tag this year. One reason for that is that I was assigned to the anchor leg for my team, so I knew it would be a long time until the box came my way.

Well, the box did arrive on Saturday afternoon and I was lucky enough to have a small break in the start-of-the-year whirlwind at work, so I dropped everything and knit like a madwoman. I finished that dishrag in one hour and forty-five minutes! Unfortunately, I started knitting at 1:00 and the local post office closes at 2:00 on Saturday. So there my dishrag sat, all dressed up and no place to go. Damian kept it company.
Damian guards the box until it can be mailed

Monday morning I was leading scoring of writing placement tests for our incoming frosh, so Melissa steeped into the breech and made sure the box was at the post office when the doors opened at 9:00.
The box arrives at the post office

My team this year is in contention—let’s hope the USPS is kind to us!

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