School’s a-Coming

Is that how I should punctuate the title? I capitalized the a at first, but that looked even funkier than the current version. And—dear me—how will I ever manage to teach another year’s worth of frosh if I can’t even decide how to write my own blog headline?

The shawl is gorgeous and will definitely be appearing as a knit-along soon. (I am trying to tantalize without giving too much away before everything is really ready to go.) If you are looking for a holiday gift or a new winter party wrap, stay tuned! I’ll be featuring two versions: one, knit by me, in a silk/lamb’s wool blend from Simply Shetland; the other, knit by my friend Chris, in Glacier Lakes Wasonga from Curious Creek.

Next week is the hideous week of meetings that always precedes the start of school. A full day (I’m in charge of half of it) on working with students who haven’t yet met the entry-level writing requirement. Then a whole day of Writing Program business. A day off—then a whole day on the team-taught class I’m working with during fall quarter. I must come up with some simple knitting pronto to keep me going through all this fal-de-rol.

Of course, since my time will soon cease being my own and I will have gajillions of tasks to juggle, I’m brim-full of knitting ideas. Last night a quick leaf through EZ’s The Knitting Workshop
Knitting Workshop
gave me just the wrap shape (pelerine!) I needed to crystalize yet another shawl design in my mind.

The document I was going to edit at work hasn’t made its way into my in box yet, so I’m going to sneak off for a gym workout and the local farmers’ market—followed by knitting! (Do not worry that the University of California is not getting its money’s worth out of me—academia will be running me ragged any minute now.)

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  1. Definitely up for a shawl KAL on your blog! And congratulations on the pattern publication – I will look out for the book in October.

    Hope you make it safely through the new-semester-grottiness!

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