Meeting Knitting

I’m narrowing down the possibilities for meeting knitting in preparation for the marathon that will be next week. Below are the finalists. I just need to go through the stash now to see whather any yarns volunteer to be knit up into these projects.

1. The Lacey Small Shell Cowl from Intrepid Fiber Wizard. This simple, pretty piece has the virtue of being knit in the round and uses an easy-to-memorize four-row pattern.

2 and 3. His (Birthday) Scarf and the Have a Heart Scarf, both from Smoking Hot Needles. These are slightly more complicated, but each has a striking, clear pattern, so I’d have no trouble knowing if I’d gone off course.

4. The Keep Me Warm Cowl (it’s a Ravelry download, so you’ll have to have a log-in to get it) by Breeanelyse. This pattern is not only lovely, but has the virtue of being written for Malabrigo—which moves it right to the top of my list.

5. This heavy-weight, textured neck-warmer from Drops. It’s mostly moss stitch with a bit of ribbing—I could keep that going through even the most mind-numbing of meetings.

6. The Abby Cowl from the new Knitty. This is a simple enough lace stitch that, even with 18 rows, I could keep it going comfortably while making my own meetingly contributions to the group’s (as opposed to my personal) work-at-hand.

It will all depend on what the yarn says to me.

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  1. Okay, my votes in my own absolute particular order of in loveness are (grin) are 6, 1, 5, 3, 2, 4. I almost squeaked out loud when I saw Abby in the fall Knitty yesterday. So pretty!

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