Fiddling About—and Upcoming!

Well, I’ve used up two of my three pattern-writing days with no completed patterns, but lots of interesting questions asked—and a few of those even answered. I’m two-thirds of the way through two shawls, one rectangular, one triangular. I got bogged down on the first when I couldn’t find a lace panel stitch I like, so I had to write one and gave myself a brain cramp trying to chart the thing (I work best from charts) because the number of stitches varies from row to row. On the second, I toyed around half a dozen or more ways with segueing from a six-stitch repeat to an eight-stitch repeat, but haven’t found the perfect answer yet. Needless to say, my recycling bin is piling up with scads of graph paper. Once I get far enough along, I’m hoping to do a shawl as a knit-along on this blog. But, trust me, you don’t want me to do that just yet. I want to make sure I iron out all kinks instead of passing them on to someone else.

The upcoming news is this: my first-ever, published-in-a-real-book (you know, with a binding and covers and everything) pattern will be appearing next month in 101 Luxury One-Skein Wonders, edited by Judith Durant.
101 Luxury
My pattern is called “Leaf Lace Hat” and is a small piece (one skein, natch), quite pretty (I think) and took a good bit of fiddling with the main stitch to tailor it to the piece’s dimensions. I knit it out of yummy, yummy Omo from Curious Creek, the Savanna Grasses colorway.
Bright and yarn-a-licious
That’s the very skein I used, right there in the middle.

Keep your eyes out for this book. It’s due in mid-October and should be quite good, if the first two volumes in the collection are any indication. When you see it on a shelf in your LYS, feel free to do a little happy dance on my behalf—so long as it won’t draw you any unwanted attention.

7 Replies to “Fiddling About—and Upcoming!”

  1. Way exciting!
    I really enjoyed especially the second book in the series, so no doubt they’re just getting better!

    I’ll happy dance and show everyone your pattern!
    : )

  2. Congrats!!! That is one heck of an honor. I can’t wait to hit the bookstore and check it out.

    How are you doing with the waiting for the dishrag?

  3. I’ll keep an eye out for the book…I really liked the second one, too. It sits right here on my desk for easy reference. Congrats on the pattern and I’ll look forward to trying it out.

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