Tuesday Mewsday: Where the Wild Cats Are

My friend Ellen (actually I have three friends Ellen; this is my virologist, bird-watching, opera-loving friend Ellen), sent me a wonderful pair of photos taken by her trip leader on a recent birding jaunt to Brazil. This is no zoo animal. It’s an honest-to-gosh jaguar in his (her?) natural habitat, stretched out along a tree branch for simultaneous relaxation and prey-spotting.



Look at the size of his nose and ears and paws, so clearly the tools of an alpha predator. Not to mention the enormous muzzle—the better to bite you with!

Ellen’s email to me noted that “[The photographer] took them standing at the back of an open boat about 18 feet long. I was sitting on a bench seat near the front of the same boat. I don’t know how big a telephoto lens he was using, but these are stills from his videocam.”

Addendum by Melissa:
Damian is not impressed by the jaguar.
Damian yawning

He says anyone can see that the jaguar is so much smaller than he is. He has NO idea.

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