No Original Pictures…

There’s a good reason for that. Melissa has been moving to Santa Cruz, which has been absolutely lovely for my quality of life except in the area of getting to boss her around about making photos appear on my blog. Since she has completely boxed up her whole life and brought it to my town, I need to be gracious and give her lots of time for unpacking with me focusing on what she needs, rather than me buzzing about saying “when will you upload…?,” “have you uploaded…?,” “how about uploading…?” (You see what she has to put up with? And still she loves me—I am a lucky, lucky gal.)

Someday, I will have my own pictures again and will show you
• the shawl with a knitted on border that I just finished
• various other WIPs and FOs
• the yarn I bought in Pennsylvania during our honeymoon
• the yarn shop whence this yarn came
• maybe even a wedding picture

Meanwhile, I will suck up various pics from on-line and show you some of the new pattern booklets that have me drooling.

Check out the Lace Pullover from Classic Elite’s Autumn, Book 1:
Montera pull-over

Their Autumn, Book 2 is equally yummy.
Duchess pull-over
slip stitch yoke cardi

Nashua Handknits is starting their own magazine, and the first issue is full of lovely pieces. It’s got cardigans galore, both casual—
foliage cardi

and formal—
bringing home the bacon cardi
(This one is called “Bringing Home the Bacon.”)

Nashua’s Mohair 3 has texture galore. This dressy cardigan is a particular favorite of mine.
mohair cardi
It’s hard to tell from this thumbnail, but the sweater has a great lace stitch along the bottom half of the sleeves and the body and is quite graceful in its shaping.

I have been inundating Margaret at The Golden Fleece with emails: Can you order this booklet? Can you order another booklet? Oh, and how about one more booklet?

While I look at these wonderful new designs by other folks, I also dream about the patterns I’d like to work up. I have marked out three-and-a-half days in early September for nothing but pattern writing and have been doing some sketching and jotting notes as opportunities arise. We’ll see what I can come up with.

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