It Must Still Be Tuesday Somewhere Mewsday: Poor Mr. D

Poor Damian did not like moving from Oakland to Santa Cruz. When Melissa let him out of the carrier, he slunk off, all oozy-creepy-kitty-like to hid in the litter box (which, as you can see, was a tight fit for our big boy).

We are happy to report that he’s started to settle in now, has stopped spending nights under the bed, and is back to sleeping on Melissa’s face and drooling contentedly on her as he snores. He particularly appreciates the fact that his clever mama places his climbing structure next to the staircase, which sort of makes the steps part of one enormous jungle gym.

3 Replies to “It Must Still Be Tuesday Somewhere Mewsday: Poor Mr. D”

  1. Well well, poor fellow. It’s good to hear that he’s decided to settle in and get back to his comfortable little habits again. lol

    Great kitty story, and with pics!

  2. Awwwwwwwww! The way you describe Damian “slinking” out of his carrier reminded me of when we moved to San Jose CA from Puyallup WA. Our boy kitty “slunk” out of his carrier too…and ran along the sides of the walls until he could dive under the sofa for cover! He behaved this way for at least a week. I’m glad you lil’ guy has adjusted! 🙂

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