iKnitting Anyone?

No, not I-cord—iPod. Miss Sparkles and her family gifted me with an iPod shuffle, which Melissa set up for me this past weekend. Being the luddite that I am, I tend to thrust anything electronic at Melisssa with a pathetic and inarticulate “this thing go you that make it?,” and she graciously consents, then explains its workings to me over time in carefully apportioned bits designed not to overload my miniscule eAttentionSpan. (As opposed to my kAttentionSpan, knitting of course, which is a great deal more expansive.)

I’ve been wanting an iPod for some time now specifically so I can listen to science podcasts. (Yes, yes, no patience with actual electronics, which seem like a reasonably scientific sort of thing, but an unlimited appetite for scientific ramblings being pumped directly into my ears.) It has taken only two days for me to become exactly like my students with the little gizmo clipped to my clothing and the earbuds (how do I even know that word?) in place. I am already asking myself questions like, “Is there an iPod it’s safe to listen to in the bathtub?”

I have downloaded programs on Linnean taxonomy, the evolution of flounders, statistical analyses of Noro virus outbreaks. I’ve even taken the grand risk of moving beyond science to download some podcasts on MacBeth that are available from the Folger Shakespeare Library. The genre I haven’t really gotten going with yet is the knitting podcast, which leads me to today’s question…

Which, if any, knitting podcasts do you find particularly worthwhile? I’m more interested in information than entertainment, so I’m looking less for witty repartee and more for clear information on techniques or detailed book reviews. I’d be grateful for your suggestions.

P.S. I just ran my bathtub query by Melissa who suggested wearing a hairband in the tub, to which I could clip the iPod. Either she is clever and loves me very much or she is a gold-digger hoping to cash in on a quick inheritance.

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  1. The only knitting podcast I found that fits your needs is “Knit Science” (http://knitscience.blogspot.com/). She publishes sporadically, but there’s a good backlog to keep you going. The “Knit Picks” podcast has some good tips and book reviews and interesting interviews occasionally so it could work for you.

    And for humor — I highly recommend YKnit (http://yknit.com/). They are short and funny — kinda like sitcoms used to be…

  2. You need to listen to both KnitScience, which is very interesting, and also “Lime N Violet”, because they are incredibly entertaining (limenviolet.blogspot.com or limenviolet.com), and a lil random.

    Another recommendation would be the episodes of Stash and Burn (www.stashandburn.com) because they not only recommend books and do reviews, but also say what they really think of some of the patterns. 🙂

  3. What a great website! I found it from another site linking to your watermelon baby hat. I was wondering if you could send me the patten? I’d love to make it for my niece! Thanks.

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