What I Knit on My Honeymoon

The terrifying truth is that between family visits and our honeymoon, during the six-week period ending on July 31, I will have spent more time away from home than at home. While every trip has been a delight (alert to sister-in-law-who-knows-who-she-is: don’t go pretending you think I’m saying I didn’t enjoy my time with you—you know we both had a blast!), I do fret a great deal about what the cats are getting up to in my absence. Has Bea gone completely feral? Who will have more puncture wounds when I return, Sparky or Penny? And did I adequately barricade the stash to keep it safe from bored felines (particularly a rotund little fellow with a middle name of Gladstone)? 

Still, no matter how wide-ranging my travels or how all-encompassing my kitty-fretting is, I do make time to knit. It is, after all, what keeps me from going completely over the edge, even on trans-continental flights on which I am separated from Melissa and crammed into a non-reclining window seat on the back row of the plane. (Note that chivalrous Melissa had things even worse: she was wedged between two amply built business men who alternated between trying to sell her phone systems and providing stereophonic snores for her listening pleasure.)

So, without further ado, I present my Noro Mohana, based on the pattern by Smoking Hot Needles.

Here’s the whole thing.
The new striped shawl

And here’s a close-up of the middle and last lace patterns.
The new striped shawl, detail

I really enjoyed knitting this piece—though you’ll notice that I omitted the loopy and time-consuming cast-off. Each lace pattern is simple enough to be manageable, but none goes on so long as to become boring. I’m planning to knit a second of these in solid-colored yarn, so that the stitch patterns will have a chance to stand on their own, but I’m pleased with how the self-striping yarn looks knit up. It’s Noro’s Kureyon Sock, and I have to say that based on this experience, I probably won’t be buying the yarn again. The colors are gorgeous, but the yarn was one snarl after another. I’d knit two or three rows, then spend ten minutes easing apart a handful of knots, knit again, then find myself fiddling with another wooly tumbleweed.

Mohana isn’t the only gorgeous free pattern that Smoking Hot Needles has on her site. Chack out her Grasshopper Scarf, “His Scarf” (which would make a great gift for someone of either gender), and the Kyla Fingerless Gloves. She’s really come up with some lovely pieces and is quite generous in sharing them.

By the way, I’ve decided to tuck this shawl carefully away, so that come next February I can use it as one of the prizes on my second annual blogiversay raffle. If you like it, you’ll have a chance to make it yours.

7 Replies to “What I Knit on My Honeymoon”

  1. Congrats again on your wedding. The shawl is beautiful and the winner will be very lucky. Much happiness to you and your new wife!

  2. Glad to hear you had a wonderful honeymoon (but glad to have you back!). Hope the cats/stash survived your absence?!

    That shawl is fantastic, and thanks so much for the link. And yes, I bet that cast-off takes ages, but I’d just have to do it!

  3. welcome back and congrats on everything! Glad you had a good trip – if not a long one on Our Coast. The shawl is gorgeous. How could you go wrong with a combo of noro and lace, really?

    We’d been thinking of you – I had to knit a second Santa Cruz hat for Maya – exactly like the first- as she’d worn it so much it had pilled up and looked bedraggled. Now she’s all set for back to school and I am saving more skeins for when I get to make it again….

  4. That is the most gorgeous shawl I’ve seen. And I know my shawls!!!
    I’ve been contemplating Noro for a new project stewing in my head but after your review I am now rethinking it.

  5. Welcome back. 😀 It’s great to see that you have been busy creating that beautiful shawl and having a wonderful time away. Thanks for the link to Smoking Hot Needles.

    It’s hard not to fret about your cats when you are gone. I’ve been in that state… Hope they were all alright and hadn’t eating the ends of something off each other.

    Welcome home, Sarah-Hope, I’ve missed you.

  6. Welcome home Sarah Hope. I have to admit that I’ve been checking your blog every few days since you left. I’m so glad that you had a good time and the children survived in your absence.

    The shawl is stunning!!!

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