Tuesday Mewsday: Otterly Delightful

Ok—otters aren’t cats.

But they are furry and playful and a pleasure to watch. Oh—and they also like seafood.

As I mentioned last week, one of Melissa’s jobs while we visited midwest family was to paint otters on the wall of Miss Sparkles’ younger brother. Otter Boy, as we’ll call him, is fascinated by these creatures. He plans to marry an otter when he grows up: Some of our kids will be people and some will be otters and at our wedding reception we’ll have fish and we’ll bar-b-que it for the people, but the otters can eat theirs raw. He has been wanting otters on his walls for years, but I simply wasn’t up to the task. Luckily, he is now able to draw on the artistic talents of Aunt Melissa.

She painted river otters.
River otters
(These are pre-whisker pictures, so just paint those in in your imagination.) Mama is Fudge; baby is Timmy, which is short for Timid.

She painted sea otters.
Sea otters
Mama’s named Browner; baby’s named Speedy. (“Browner” comes from his beloved Ollie the Otter book.)

She even threw in a turtle for good measure.

6 Replies to “Tuesday Mewsday: Otterly Delightful”

  1. What a beautiful gift, beautifully done, for a child who is completely enthralled by otters. Of course you all did inform him that there are lots of otters in the seaweed forests of Monterrey bay, yes? You will have much to show him when he visits.

    Welcome back, a little bit late. I’ve not been a good blog reader the past several weeks.

  2. Thank you for showing off the otters! They are spectacular. I’ve always had an affinity for the sea otters (sushi lovers, just like me), but since my dog and I were chuffed at by a river otter a few years back…I’m not sure which my favorites are.

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