Tuesday Mewday: More Than One Way to Weasel a Stash

Silly me. I’d thought Sparky was the only stash weasel in the family; that is, until one day last week….

Knitting happily away on a Leaf Yoke Cardigan (from Nashua Hanknits’ Bloom) to add to the little bundle of projects I’m planning to send to Afghans for Afghans, I noted that Bea was suddenly unusually frisky behind me. Normally, when Bea gets busy, she’s trying to hunt out an undisclosed location so secure that not even Dick Cheney can find her, but there was nothing discrete about her frolicking. I turned around to get a better look at her gambols, and found her batting about what appeared to be a large, green, hairy tumbleweed.

No, not a tumbleweed. Something with a fluffy aura. Something more familiar. Familiar… but not that particular color.

Bea was wrecking havoc upon a skein of mohair that I’d never set eyes on before in my life. Had I passed beyond SABLE to SABRe (Stash Acquisition Beyond Recollection)? No. This was a mohair in a quite a lovely deep green that I surely wouldn’t forget.

So I scooped up the yarn and made a quick inventory of my neighbors who knit, then steered myself in the direction of the closest of their houses. A knock on a door, a quick conversation. Yes, my neighbor Alice did recognize that yarn. It was part of a project she’s working on. A project that she’d carefully stored in a basket in her bedroom.

Sparky may be a jailbird, but Beatrice apparently has a penchant for breaking and entering.

I count myself lucky that the mohair was still in reasonably good condition, and that Alice wasn’t inclined to press charges. In fact, she was good-spirited enough to laugh at the whole thing.

P.S. Melissa and I are in the midwest visiting family on my side. I am having a lovely time knitting with Miss Sparkles, we’re both enjoying watching minor-league ball with her older brother, and Melissa is painting bedroom murals of otters at the request of her younger brother. I’m posting from the local public library. Thank goodnes Al Gore had the foresight to invent the internet!

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  1. Actually, Al Gore said that he was part of a group that helped fund the Internet, but I’m glad the library could help. Now if he could work on library funding, that would be great too.

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