Melissa has finished two pairs of otters, both mothers with babies: one marine set, one river set. Pictures will most definitely be forthcoming. The river pair have been named Fudge and Tiny. The marine pair still await their christening.

I have finished the body and have one-and-a-quarter sleeves and two front bands to go on the Leaf Yoke Cardigan. It will be lovely when finished, but the shape pre-blocking is quite silly, rather as if baby is expected to wear football shoulder pads.

I am hoping for a thunder storm later today. We almost never get them inmy part of California (maybe once every five or six years), and I do love the wind and the booming and the pounding of the rain.

3 Replies to “Quickie”

  1. No thunderstorms? What a concept.

    I’ve missed formally welcoming you back, I think. So welcome home to the newlyweds!

    I’ve missed something with the otters but look forward to seeing what I’m behind the 8-ball on. And seeing the baby linebacker cardi.

    BTW, I finished the Forest Canopy shawl out of the blogiversary raffle yarn I so happily won in your contest! But I decided the variegation of the otherwise lovely yarn wasn’t working for me in this project, so I (heresy!) overdyed it, and it turned out nicely. I continued the good karma by giving it as an ‘angel’ to a crocheter who was yearning for a knitted lace shawl. It’s on zee blog, earlier this month.

  2. You guys should have been here THIS week! We got hammered with T-storms. Loud & long, lotsa lightning, downpours & flooding, much drama. 2 days worth. I hope Iowa doesn’t disappoint.

  3. Yes, I love the wind and the booming and the pounding, etc, but I’m surprised that you only get this every five or six years? You can’t beat a good thunderstorm!

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