Well, That Explains Everything

The achy head? Nothing to do with the office-door whacking.

One word: shingles.

Another word: ouch.

The good thing about having shingles is that the pain is now explained. When I thought I had an infected bruise, I couldn’t understand why it was hurting as intensely as it was—I felt as if the back of my head was about to explode or half my scalp was about to slough off or something. Shingles are based in the nerve, so of course they hurt; that’s pretty much their defining characteristic.

I’ve turned a bit of a corner and am feeling more myself, though still tender.

Thanks to everyone who sent me good wishes. I very much appreciated hearing from you.

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  1. Ouch is right. I’ve known people with shingles and it’s no fun. I’m mostly a lurker here, but had to chime in to say I hope you keep feeling better.

  2. That does make more sense, especially how much it hurts. At least now, you should be on the right medications and they should be helping; and the course should be more predictable.

    But it still sucks. Especially hair brushing and all. Hang in there. Day by day, now, life will be slowly getting back to normal! Hopefully Melissa and the cats are helping you heal and feel better.

  3. Glad you’re feeling better. I had shingles once a long time ago, though not on my head, and know how painful it is. I hope you’re back to normal soon.

  4. Do you have any of the other symptoms like the lesions on your face? I had shingles last year and was luckily (I guess) diagnosed by my eye doctor, who noticed some issues in my left eye. I’ve been on medication to fix it for a year now! So you might want to get your eye checked as well. Good luck on the pains – they’re really weird, aren’t they? Luckily I only had them for a couple of days but they did hurt.

  5. I do hope you feel better soon. Shingles are truly sucky. (I really didn’t get that a bruise infection thing…still don’t understand how a bruise could get infected.)

  6. Oh! You poor thing. Okay, a double shot of feel good & get healthy vibes are on their way to you. 🙂 Take care of yourself!

  7. Ouch Ouch Ouch! I hope that they are gone or undercontrol by now. sheesh. They are terrible painful and can drive the sufferer up the wall!

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