Offerings, Musical and Otherwise

Day-before-yesterday I somehow managed to slam my office door on the side of my head. Even as I did it, I was astounded by a) my own idiocy and b) the fact that it was even logistically possible to whack one’s self with a door in that particular spot. Yesterday, I was plagued by a stiff neck and fretted that I was at the start of some nasty, gland-swelling cold. Then it hit me (so to speak)—door injury! No, I am not ailing, just awkward and paying the price. I’m still stiff today, but relieved that I should be healthy enough for the big weekend Melissa and I have planned. All this, at the same time as we’re moving to a new home. I’m blessed to have found domestic cleaners Bournemouth & Poole with them I got my houses cleaned and moved into as smoothly as butter melts on a muffin.

To celebrate the end of the academic year, we went hog-wild and ordered all sorts of tickets to the Berkeley Festival and Exhibition. Five concerts in three days! We will be rocking it 16th Century style.

We will pretend that her studio is a rather Bohemian bed-and-breakfast with sub-par maid service (so hard to get good help—especially when that help is us) and a trio of cats provided gratis with every suite. Between concerts, we plan to stroll the streets of Berkeley, gazing at everything as if we are out-of-towners seeing it for the first time. We also hope to squeeze in a bit of wedding ring shopping. (The State Supreme Court refused to put a stay on its same-sex marriage ruling, so we will have the opportunity to make honest women of each other before our constitutional rights are subject to mob rule a referendum on the November ballot.)

Immediately upon getting home from work yesterday, I cast on a second Impressionist Cowl, this one in Classy from Dream in Color. Even the first version in less-than-luxury yarn was lovely. This one is yum-o-yum-o-yum!

If you are in the market for a new shawl pattern, check out Malaga from The Woollen Earth. I’ve just ordered a copy of this and am very much looking forward to knitting it. It has a graceful line, just the right number of bobbles (yes, there is a right number of bobbles and that number is not necessarily zero), and stitches that look interesting but not overwhelming.

Melissa is putting the finishing touches on several paintings for an upcoming solo show in Sacramento featuring her landscapes.
Melissa West: Vagabond Breakfast
If you’re anywhere near, do stop by (it’s at Butch ‘n’ Nellie’s Coffee Company, a great little cafe). The paintings will be up June 11th through July 6th, and there will be a reception the evening of June 14. We would both be glad to see you there, and I would be love to have a few people join me in an impromptu knit-in.

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7 Replies to “Offerings, Musical and Otherwise”

  1. Sorry about your stiff neck. I have to confess I knocked myself so hard with my (solid wood) closet door a few years ago, I discovered that is really is possible to “see stars” when you get hit in the head. I was also amazed that I had managed to almost knock myself out, with a door. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. What a beautiful painting! It makes me calm just to look at it. How wonderful. I also really like her ‘The Guardians’ and ‘April Snow’. Gorgeous.

  3. Oh, you are not alone in being able to hit yourself on the head by way of a door you have semi full control over. Ouch. and hope you heal up fast.

    The painting is so filled with Peace. I love looking at it.

    Enjoy the wedding shopping for your rings and enjoy the vacation right around your own city. It’s a happening place, The Berkeley. 🙂

  4. As usual with the patterns you point out, I really like Malaga — INCLUDING (not in spite of!) the bobbles! (I would make them smaller, though…. more like Irish knots, perhaps. But I still like them!)

    Please tell Melissa that that painting is wonderful. It evokes the open spaces and feelings of clarity for me. Have fun in Berkeley! You’ve earned it! And stop hitting yourself with large pieces of wood, please.

  5. My clumsy-ness extends beyond the kitchen and I’ve had many self inflicted injuries too!! I hope your stiffness gets better soon!!

    And that painting, wow. Just beautiful – your Melissa is one talented woman!

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