(Early) Tuesday Mewsday: Wedding Edition

It’s still Monday here in Santa Cruz and early for Tuesday Mewsday, but on Tuesday I will not be blogging. I will be getting married. We’ll have a simple civil ceremony with lunch with family beforehand and dinner with friends afterwards. After years of believing this opportunity might not come in our lifetimes, we don’t need frippery or fanfare. We have each other and we have the opportunity to commit ourselves to marriage, with all the work and rewards that will involve.

But let me take a moment now for frivolity and paint a picture for you. If this were a fairy-tale world, with magic charms and talking animals and all sorts of other possibilities, I would don a gown with an immensely long train, ending with small satin bows along the hem. Each bow would be attached to a taffeta mouse, stuffed with the finest catnip, with whiskers embroidered in silver and pearls for eyes. And as I walked down the aisle, I would be followed by dozens of prancing kittens, their little heads wreathed in flowers. They would leap over one another joyously as they scampered after those catnip mice, then would settle down in a circle around me, washing their paws and curling up for naps as the ceremony began. At the reception, we would carry them about in baskets, giving them to our guests: “Here, have a kitten! Have two!” And everyone’s lap would be filled with lively bits of purring fluff, so we wouldn’t be able to rise for the toasts, but would make them from our seats. After all, it’s wrong to disturb a kitten—even for a wedding.

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  1. Huge congratulations are winging their way from me, right across a whole ocean and across a whole continent! Yippee!

    Your ‘fairy-tale’ wedding scenario with kittens is just too wonderful! Have a lovely happiness-filled day…

  2. I am thinking of you two today … its your wedding day!! Have a super day and happpiness galore, with best wishes to you and Melissa, love Lin xx

  3. I’m currently finishing a 2 month stint in Belgium, the second country to legally recognize same-sex marriage. It’s great to know when I go back to the U.S. this week, many people in my country will have that right as well.

    Congratulations you lucky California ladies! Happy wedding day! My cat is no longer a kitten, but she would love the catnip and the nap. (And your little fairytale is making me miss her even more.)

  4. You know I’ll be there with you in spirit and like some great eye in the sky, watching you on “TV”. Congrats! I couldn’t be happier for you! See you soon. 🙂
    I had to close my office door cause I’m sitting here getting all weepy… Dang – and I just applied my make-up, too. So much for that.

  5. Congratulations! Have a wonderful wedding! (So close to my 5 year anniversary — it has to be good luck right?)

  6. Congratulations! How lovely. And you know, I shall envision your wedding with the mice & kittens, no matter what it really looks like.

    Wishing you much joy.

  7. Congratulations to you and Melissa–I’m so happy for you both! I was sorry to miss you in Sacramento, but Melissa did a great job of talking knitting with me on WWKIPD :o)

  8. I forgot to say that the wedding gown and the kittens following was terrific! Catnip mice on the hem.. lol.. very sweet indeed.

  9. Congratulations. I wish you happiness and love. Are you going on a honeymoon? Give us an update when you get back from the festivities:)

  10. Perfect. Just perfect. I’ll take two please – and many congratulations and happy wishes to you both 🙂

    And Shingles?! Damn. Feel better soon Sarah-Hope.

  11. Congratulations and wishes for much happiness. Your dream of a kitteny wedding brings wonderful mental images.

    One of my dear knitting friends and her partner were wed on Friday and they are now vacationing in SF, of course including a visit to Art Fibers!

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