What Else?

Since I have a huge stack of student papers to work through and my little house is a complete disaster, I have—what else?—cast on for a new sweater. This is, perhaps, not quite as foolhardy as it seems, since it’s just a child’s sweater: the Peplum Cardigan from Leisure Arts’ Daddy’s Little Girl.
Peplum Cardigan
I actually suspect there is a method to my madness. When everything else seems out of control, I take on a small, controlled knitting project. That way I can shelter myself on my little island of knitting sanity and accomplishment while the workplace and domestic winds rage just offshore.

I confess I have no idea whom I’m knitting it for. But that will not stop me! I will knit the cute little peplum. I will work the diamond-stitch pattern. Inch by inch, I will bring the ribbed body into being. And since this is a small sweater, I will do all this in a reasonable amount of time, thus providing a satisfying contrast to the slog that is student essays and a never-ending pile of dishes in the sink. I am not knitting for some child—I am knitting for me!

I am knitting this darling in some delicious, pumpkin-colored Highland Silk that I got on close-out at Elann. I realize it is completely wrong of me, but I can’t help doing a gloat-y bit of a heiner-wiggling I-got-the-last-of-it dance: life has been difficult, and snagging this yarn ranks as an important recent accomplishment. Please forgive me.

In other news, Kim Hargreaves has a new book out, Nectar, which is wonderful for her and for knitters everywhere, but completely unfair for me, since I haven’t even had a chance to knit anything out of her previous book, Heartfelt. The new book is slightly less my style than the previous one (by which I mean “more tight-fitting garments that look uncomfortable and would be rather gappy on my figure”), but it still has some beautiful knits. I particularly like


and Joy—

And with that I leave you. Papers and dishes—and a few rows of reward knitting—await.

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  1. Found your great blog when searching for the child’s peplum cardigan from LA Dadd’s Little Girl.

    My mom is trying to make this and the sleeves are not making diamonds. She is not sure if the pattern is wrong or she is not getting it. If you have any feedback at all and wouldn’t mind emailing me I would really appreciate it. cherylkelly1ATSIGNsbcglobal.net


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