Tuesday Mewsday: Six Quirky Things

Back in March so now what? tagged me for the “Six Quirky Things” meme, which I have been oh, so slow to get around to. But never fear, the Santa Cruz cats are stepping in to help with some quirky things of their own, two for each cat, which gives me a handy total of six.

Bea’s Quirky Things
1. Bea flinches when you reach out to pet her, unless you reach out with fingers gathered together in a sort of cat’s-head shape, in which case she will sniff them, then allow you to scratch her cheeks.
2. Bea has one (and only one) white whisker. Otherwise she is all black.

Sparky’s Quirky Things
1. Sparky is absolutely fascinated with smelling people’s breath. Let him do it and he’ll give you a head bonk by way of saying thanks.
2. Sparky is rather chubby, which means that he has a very comic run, with hind legs splayed to get around his belly. (Picture Tom Kitten popping out of his britches.)

Penny’s Quirky Things
1. When Penny is nervous, she makes vigorous chuffing noises as if to say “big cat approaching, be very afraid.”
2. Penny will lick your hand for as long as you will allow it. She has never been known to voluntarily desist in this activity once she’s begun.

And now Bea, Sparky, and Penny are tagging the Oak-Town cats. Melissa will have to help them write up their own version of “Six Quirky Things” for an upcoming Tuesday Mewsday.

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  1. Brilliant! Mo Cuirdh, our older cat, will only let you approach and pet her if you splay your fingers out wide and wiggle them at her. Cats are so odd.

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