My Picks of the Spring/Summer Pattern Booklets

Not too long ago, I ordered several pattern booklets from Article Pract, all of which arrived while I was in Washington, D.C. Melissa was kind enough to pick them up for me. I have been enjoying browsing through them the past few days and wanted to share some of the highlights.

Nashua Handknits, Natural Focus (8 patterns, $14.95)
Natural Focus
This booklet is so new that it’s next to impossible to find pictures from it on the web. You can see a few of the projects it includes at Patternworks. These patterns features lots of lacy stitches using Natural Focus organic yarns (the wool is worsted weight, the cotton is a bit lighter) to make transitional-weather garments. There’s nothing cutting-edge about these pieces, but they’re all attractive and look very wearable. I like the Lace and Rib Cardigan (on the bottom in the Patternworks photo group), with waist-defining ribbing. The Leaf Cardigan is one of the more substantial garments in the book and features both highly textured sleeves and leaves rising up out of the waist ribbing. The booklet features this piece in grey, which sort of undercuts its botanical charm; I’d love to see it in a sage or a spring green.

Classic Elite Yarns, Make It Modern (7 patterns; $14.95)
Make It Modern
Don’t be misled by the ditsy Little Leaf Scarf on the cover; it’s the weakest piece in this group. My absolute favorite is the Soft Linen Hoodie.
Soft Linen Hoodie
Isn’t that a cute neckline? It’s hip and classic all at the same time, good for both mom and the high school daughter she’s always embarrassing (not that I’ve suddenly become a mother— just making a point). The collection also includes two lovely pieces with lacy bodices, empire shaping, and square necks, one with cap sleeves, the other with long sleeves. The Cotton Bamboo Girl Tank features two different moss-rib variations which add interest while maintaining a crisp look. You can go to Classic Elite’s web site to check out the full group of patterns in this booklet.

Rowan Classic Yarns, Summer Breeze (13 patterns; $17.95)
Summer Breeze
The cover pattern with all its ruffles appeals to my girly side. The look is a bit frivolous, but the piece is substantial enough to be of real use. A number of these knits are a bit square in their shaping—the sort of thing that bony Rowan models can pull off, but that’s apt to be less charming on your average Jane. I have a love-hate thing going with Blow.
Summer Breeze
You can’t see it so well in this picture, but the featured yarn is a marl and the color variation seems to be in an all-out battle for dominance with the lace ribbing. Even I, lover of variegated colorways, have to admit that this cardigan would look best in a solid.

Rowan Organic Collection, Pure Life (18 patterns; $17.95)
This is one of those Rowan books that you just want to move into: “Never mind the knitting; can I please just have a week to myself in that lovely cabin? Or the caravan maybe?” These knits tend to be a bit boxy, but they look practical and comfortable, the kind of things that get worn until they wear through at the elbows. I’m particularly fond of Snapdragon, a pullover that’s sort of a semi-gansey
This book features knit for women, men, and girls, making it a good choice if you enjoy knitting for others. The Knitting Garden has pictures of the full contents posted.

I’ve got no idea when (if) I’ll get any of these knit up, but they’re providing plenty of inspiration as I move back and forth between academic duties and the works currently on my needles.

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  1. Hi stranger,

    glad to hear you’ve settled back into your routine enough to be browsing patterns — I love that hoodie too, and it looks like a fun knit (a little detail, not too hard) Can’t wait to see what you cast on for first…

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