Mmmmmm… Waffles!

Jean of Needles, Notes, and News is hosting a charity knit-along on her blog.

The project? This adorable child’s sweater, which she calls Waffles for Brunch.
Waffles Charity Knit-along sweater
As she points out, if you knit it for charity you don’t have to worry much about gauge, it’s sure to fit some child who needs it so you can dig in and just start knitting. Same principal applies if you are sending one year old boys toys to charity, you really don’t need to worry about what or how big it is. The pattern is simple, but interesting. I’m planning to work on one this weekend for my stop-and-knit-a-few-rows-after-marking-every-third-student-paper project.

If you decide to join in, I’d love to hear about it—and so would Jean, I’m sure.

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