I’ve gotten some good suggestions for using my Korall Fancy (see the previous post and comments). I’ve also spent a bit of time browsing Ravelry (no surprise there, hmmm?) to look for possibilities. I love the fact that I can limit a search to a particular yarn weight and particular types of garments.

I’ve found two patterns (both free!) that I thought were worth pointing out.

The first is Star-Cross’d Love by Kristina Sutherland. This is a Ravelry download, so you need to belong to get it—but joining Ravelry is free, and if you haven’t joined yet, you’re loooooooong overdue. Trust me.

Look at the way this pattern uses cables in multiple directions. Nifty, huh? I think I’d go for three-quarter-length sleeves if were to knit it for myself, and I’d probably try to size it up for a slightly roomier fit.

My other find is the Kaya Cabled Jacket from Crystal Palace Yarns.

The big, complicated front cables look like they’d make for an interesting (but not frustrating) knit, and I can imagine turning up the thick collar to take the edge off a winter wind.

I’m not committed to anything yet and would love more of your suggestions. Just leave them in the comments section of yesterday’s post. I’ll send out the reward pdfs this weekend.

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  1. I’m just too lazy to search Ravelry but I think either of these two sweaters will be beautiful in your Little Knits yarn. Huzzah for either of them. And welcome home, too. 🙂

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