Nothing Succeeds Like Excess

Sarah-Hope and I were on our way to breakfast and a knitting photo-shoot (our favorite way to spend a morning) when suddenly Sarah-Hope cried, “Get your camera! Get your camera!”
Yes, we were passed by a giant RV, towing for their around-town car….. a Hummer!
Giant RV towing giant Hummer

What more can one say?
(Guest post by Melissa, while SH is on vacation)

3 Replies to “Nothing Succeeds Like Excess”

  1. Now Now, they may need something that big for some good reason, though none I can actually thing of. They DO actually need an RV that big to Haul the Hummer. Those things are very heavy! I feel bad about our tiny jeep, the one that gives leg cramp to anyone in the back seat.

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