FO on My Way Out the Door

Here’s my finished Ruffles and Ridges shawl worked in a combination of Miracle and Baby Alpine as per Miss Sparkles’ suggestion.
The ruffles and ridges shawl, front view
My niece was right about using both yarns, don’t you think?

The ruffles and ridges shawl, back view

Michelle of InsanKnitty kindly loaned me her copy of the pattern—and I have to confess that I plan to knit up one more shawl before I mail it back to her. This is a wonderfully quick knit (and heartening, as the rows get shorter as your progress, so there’s no slog at the end) and very cozy too. I’m hooked!

2 Replies to “FO on My Way Out the Door”

  1. It looks so soft and delicious, done up in those lovely pattern and yarns. Have a great vacation.

    I’ve been up all night so not so many exclamations points. hehe

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