A New Stitch, Lust, and a Poll

A New Stitch
Check out the scarf I cast on Saturday evening.
The new scarf
It’s worked in Woven Stitch. Super simple—and all that color and pattern! (I’m using Paton’s Classic Wool in Leaf Green and Forest.)

Choose two yarns—one variegated, one not—and cast on an odd number of stitches using the solid-colored yarn. Now just alternate, working two rows in the solid, then two rows in the variegated.

With the solid, work the first row as follows: K1, bring yarn to front of work, slip one, return yarn to back of work. Keep alternating these two stitches. These rows will end with K1. Then P the second row.

With the variegated, work the first row as above, but K2 at the beginning and end of the row (it’s still K1 everywhere else). Then P back.

I am fighting the urge to cast on a gazillion of these just so I can see how the different color combinations work out.

This year and last year both, one of my big unfulfilled lusts of Stitches West was this sweater…
It’s the Marmalade Cardigan from Shelridge Farm. Isn’t that a great mix of stitch patterns? I am thinking about making a deal with myself along the lines of I get to put away $10 for this sweater every week I eat out three or fewer times. (There have been far too many I-give-up-I’m-just-stopping-and-ordering-something moments in my life lately.) Sound good?

Now for the Poll
I’m about to cast on for a Ruffles and Ridges wrap and am trying to decide on a yarn.
Ruffles and Ridges

I’ve got three possibilities:

• Classic Elite Miracle (a great 50/50 alpaca/tencel blend) in the Cuban Sunset colorway.
classic elite miracle

• Cheery Tree Hill Alpine Baby (a super-soft silk/mohair blend) in the Cabin Fever colorway.
Alpine Baby

• The alpaca marl I just picked up at Stitches West (it’s the one on the right).
Yarn from Stitches West

On the one hand, I’m certain the piece would work well in any of these yarns, but each of them has its drawbacks. The Miracle is gorgeous and soft, but a solid color, which might get a bit boring on a project that’s purely stockinette/reverse stockinette (the larger pattern begins with casting on 1,095 stitches!). The Alpine Baby is a rather fine loop yarn, so I’m not sure how substantial a wrap it would make and whether the stitch pattern (such as there is) would show. The Alpaca marl is a heavier weight than called for in the pattern, which means I’d be knitting without a net—probably following the pattern for the smaller sized wrap and using needles several sizes larger than called for.

Miracle, Alpine Baby, alpaca marl—which would you choose?

9 Replies to “A New Stitch, Lust, and a Poll”

  1. My first thought before I even scrolled down to it was your Alpaca Marl (But if you use that I won’t be able to try to trade for it at some future date) but the Cherry Tree Hill is a beautiful colorway. I think you’re right about stitch definition though.

  2. I’d use the Cherry Tree Hill Alpine baby – that pattern to me looks like more of a showcase for color, than a stitch. The alpaca, if it’s a heavier gauge, will maybe be too, too heavy & bulky.

  3. Thanks for sharing the scarf pattern, I love it. AND I have a lot of Paton’s merino at home….

  4. I like the Cherry Hill yarn for the colors. It’s a sweet and sorta hottie little shawl and I like the hot colors blend.

    Thanks for sharing the new stitch. It’s a must try soon thing!

  5. Very nice stitch pattern. Filing mentally for Christmas presents later in the year.

    I’m all for the Alpaca Marl. Besides, knitting without a net is why we’re here, right? 😉

  6. I’m a fan of the alpaca – only for the colorway – you’ll be able to wear it with everything! But then again, i always get myself into math problems with sub yarn, don’t I?? am guessing none of your other Stitches purchases worked?

  7. just a quick post to let you know the shawl came today and it’s beautiful. Thank you sooooo much!!!!!! What you did was really great to help the animals. Thank you!!

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