Tuesday Mewsday: Handsome Lads

Melissa and I have no shortage of good-looking cats.

Here’s Damian, engaging in one of his regular pastimes…
Damian admires himself in the mirror
…admiring that handsome cat in the mirror. You can just hear his inner monologue: Who is that good-looking fellow? My but he keeps his whites white! Such a noble jaw! Being him must be nearly as delightful as being me! Why doesn’t he come over for a visit? I bet we could have lively times together.

Sparky is growing up to become quite the handsome tom.
Sparky on the fence

Even as a kitten, he was quite the matinee idol.
Sparky and Woody cling and huddle
Just look at him curled up with his brother Woody.

Those boys were absolutely devoted to each other: side-by-side all day and sound asleep in each other’s arms every night. I’m not sure they realized they were separate entities. I think each of them thought of himself as an eight-legged, four-eared, two-tailed creature, oddly able to move in multiple directions at once.

3 Replies to “Tuesday Mewsday: Handsome Lads”

  1. they are so cute! Our cat is just not a cuddler, she was a stray who adopted us this last summer. There is another cat in the neighborhood who does have a home but just hangs out in the neighborhood who is incrediblly cuddly. If you go outside when she is near and say hi she runs to you and places her arms around your neck to say hello. Also if you let our cat inside she will cry at the front window as if to say let me in too or just, hey i thought we were playing. She will not come in to hang out as she is a bit freaked by our dog (whom stray kitty just loves). lol, now that i have so bored you… Beautiful kitties you have!

  2. Handsome, indeed. Sparky looks like our cat Milo, the brown tabby sort of markings and Woody looks like a darker version. It’s truly sweet that they think they are siamese. heehee

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