I’ve been spotting all sorts of lovely patterns lately and thought I’d share a few of them with you.

First off, there’s Alenes’s Wrap from Thea at babycocktails and knitting.

This is exactly the kind of piece I’ve been needing for the last few weeks, during which we’ve had morning ice and cold rains. The good-new bonus with this pattern is that it costs just $5.50 and the full purchase price goes to FINCA, a group that provides micro-loans to people in poor countries, enabling them to start their own businesses.

I’m also loving this circular shrug from Plymouth.

(The bigger picture here is worth checking out.) There are a number of circle jacket patterns around these days, but this one has especially pretty lines and detailing. You can order this pattern from Patternworks—or check with your LYS for availability.

This is my current favorite from the new Drops collection.

It’s loose without being baggy or bulky and the sleeves have nice detailing that echoes current fashion trends without getting so big that the gathers make a gal look all Popeye.

I know opinions about bobbles vary—and with passion!—but I find this use of them quite tasteful.

And the pattern’s free, so what’s not to like?

Last of all, look at the latest from those wacky folks at Berroco.

Wouldn’t this enhance the natural cuteness of pretty much every baby you’ve ever met? Special bonus: since this is a children’s pattern, you can pick up a copy of the pattern for free without being traumatized by the sight of any of their Oddly. Twitchy-Looking. Models. (On further thought, maybe it’s just that one model. Do you suppose those are her “signature moves”?)

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  1. I like that wrap, wish it didn’t have all that many cables in it though. That wacky hat is kinda cool. I like crazy out of the ordinary things…….lol

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