LYS: The Golden Fleece

Last week, I’d promised a write-up on the other of the two LYSs to donate a prize to my Blogiversary Raffle and here, at last, it is. The Golden Fleece has added a big (900+ yards) skein of Kauni in the purple-to-indigo (EL) colorway to the group of prizes.

The Golden Fleece
The Golden Fleece is located at 303 Potrero Street in the Sashmill Complex. The baskets of discounted yarn call out alluringly from alongside the door.

The store is housed in two large, well-lit rooms: a front room full of delicious yarn and books and a back room with big tables for classes.
The Golden Fleece
When I need a break, I often stop by to sit and knit a few rows. The company is wonderful and the “yarn fumes” do wonders for my creativity.

The Golden Fleece
The Golden Fleece carries both an interesting mix of new yarns and a large selection of staples. Their newest yarn, Royal Llama Linen, is insanely delectable. I expect to be succumbing to it any day now (it’s just a matter of deciding whether I’ll be giving myself to the light green or the copper colorway). They carry Dream in Color, Eco Wool, and some wonderful large-skein imports from South America, including llama marls (I have a shrug in mind for some of these). You’ll also find shelf after shelf of Cascade 220, Galway, and Encore.

When you visit the shop, remember to look up—you’ll see all sorts of sample garments to inspire you.
The Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece has the biggest selection of Malabrigo I’ve found anywhere—a whole wall of it—and they order it regularly, so there are always new colors to tempt a knitter. I haunt them when I know a shipment is coming in: I love seeing the new hues and smelling that wonderful vinegar-y scent that results from the way they set their dyes.

As you might have guessed, The Golden Fleece also has a huge selection of Kauni.
The Golden Fleece
If you’ve been having trouble tracking this yarn down, they’ll be glad to ship it to you.

Margaret and Carol, the shop owners, are two of my favorite knitting people. Margaret knows more about knitting than I could hope to learn in ten lifetimes and shares it all with a sense of humor that makes things doubly fun. Carol knows just what skein to wave under my nose when I’m faltering; when I call her an enabler, I mean that in the best, knitterly sense of the word. The shop hosts community knitting every Sunday afternoon and in the evening on the first Friday of every month (TGIF at TGF). If you get the chance, come on by!

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  1. Asssuming I don’t win, can you get me a big skein (sufficient for Revontuli) of the Kauni EL colorway yarn? No one here seems to know about it. I won”t get to Santa Cruz for at least a year.

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