Blogiversary Raffle for the Animals

A raffle to raise funds for animal welfare and protection groups, including
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley
Project Purr
Alleycat Allies
The Duke University Lemur Center
The Jane Goodall Institute

The Prizes:
• A Swallowtail Shawl knit in Louisa Harding Cinnabar yarn.
The shawl, again

• Your choice of one of these three signed, limited-edition prints by Melissa West.
Three animal-related prints

• Two skeins of Socks that Rock in the Undertoe colorway. (Generously donated by my friend Chris.)

• A full bag of Southwest Trading Company Twize (100% bamboo) in the Twack colorway.

• A full bag of clover green thick-and-thin cotton.

• Seven hand-knit dishcloths—one for each day of the week!

• A copy of the original Sensational Knitted Socks.

• A short-attention-span knitting gift pack, including abridged versions of Knitting for Dummies and Cocktails for Dummies, along with a knitted applique kit.

And perhaps more… stay tuned!

The Rules:
• For every $2 you donate to one of the above groups (or your local equivalent), you’ll get an entry in the raffle. Note that this is for new donations only—I’m trying to encourage all of us to give just a little bit more than we usually do. To let me know about your donation, leave a comment on this blog or email me at shATwhatifknitsDOTcom. I will send you an email to acknowledge your entry, so if you don’t hear back from me, feel free to write again and check up.

• If you post about this raffle on your blog and include a link, let me know. I’ll put your name into the hat an extra three times.

• The prize draw itself will take place on Friday, February 22. (I was originally aiming for Valentine’s Day, but wanted the extra week to get the word out.)

• Each person will be eligible to win a maximum of one prize (we’ll draw for the biggest ones first). That way, more people will have a shot at winning something.

• Once we’ve drawn the winners, I’ll post that information on my blog and contact these folks individually via email to arrange mailing.

The Buttons:
Please help yourselves! If you want to link back to the Blogiversary Raffle rules, use this address

What If Knits Blogiversary

What If Knits Blogiversary

What If Knits Blogiversary

8 Replies to “Blogiversary Raffle for the Animals”

  1. We’ve already chit chatted in email 🙂 I never left a post because I didn’t see anyone else. So I’m here….LOL. This is a great thing you’re doing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Just donated $20 worth of cat food to our local girl scout troop that is collecting food for our local shelters! What a fantastic idea! Will post on my og later today!

  3. Howdy! Just wanted to enter your blogiversary (love that term!) contest. I sent a $30 check to Mylestone Equine Rescue in Phillipsburg, NJ.
    So sign me up!

  4. I think I sent you an email too, but donated $10 to Project Purr in California. Posted on my blog with a link to the blogiversary. What a GREAT idea. Both of my kitties are from shelters and are the loves of the house! Please sign me up!


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