Another Anniversary—Followed by a Few Ramblings into Other Topics

Besides celebrating my blogiversary with the Knitters’ Raffle for Animals, I get to celebrate a more personal anniversary as well. Melissa and I have officially hit the four-year mark! I look forward to moving into the double digits with her, piling up yarn and paint and books and cats into one glorious, mad jumble that we can both call home. This weekend we are celebrating in some secret way that has not yet been revealed to me, but that did involve the purchase of tickets for something (an event, I’m assuming) on Saturday night.

Ramble 1:
Tomorrow I get to attend (drum roll, please) a day-long workshop on food-borne pathogens. Not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, but right down my alley. I’ll get to sit in the back of an auditorium, knitting away, while listening to presenters talking about various strains of e coli, epidemiological patterns, fast-food disasters, and the like. I imagine there will be a lively exchange of rather morbid jokes over lunch.

Ramble 2:
I’ve been waiting and waiting for Drops to put this pattern on the web…

… and finally my patience is rewarded. I know I’m always saying “cozy this” and “comfy that,” but doesn’t it look cozy—and comfy?

8 Replies to “Another Anniversary—Followed by a Few Ramblings into Other Topics”

  1. Congratulations to you both! Have a wonderful time on your Anniversary while out and abut at the “mysterious” event. Sounds musical or something like that.

    The pattern is gorgeous as well as cuddly and comfy looking. I’m going to drops to look at it, too.

    Ew, food-borne pathogens. But,then, I guess it’s good to know about things like that. Don’t you catch any!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! I love to see people stay together, it is one of the most inspiring things to me.

    My favorite aunt is a chemical food scientist. Every time I see her I develop an aversion to a new food, either because she won’t eat it or because she tells me how it is processed before it gets to the public. Your seminar sounds right up her alley; right now she is working on preservatives for commonly infected/tainted food.

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