Yielding to Temptation

I’ve surrendered and ordered a bag of Peruvian Highland Silk from Elann. Pumpkin may not be a flattering shade for everyone, but it’s a color I can count on.

I am such a sucker for a full bag sale. When the sale price is by the single skein, even if it’s good, I’m less tempted than I am when I come across a good bag sale. Somehow $2.98 a skein doesn’t set my heart a-racin’ the way A whole bag for under $30! does. I have gotten some great deals this way, but I’ve also been subject to frenzy-driven lapses in judgement.

One example: the bag of lavender bamboo yarn. At the time my logic was something like Bamboo. Hey, a lot of people are knitting with that these days. I should check it out while the price is good. What I failed to remember is Lavender? I hate lavender. It makes me look like a corpse. (If someone wants to offer me a trade, I’m up for it. Those 2,500 yards of bamboo are doing nothing in my hands. Maybe you hate green? Or orange? Maybe you made a purchase that you’ve decided is a mistake, but which would strike me as the exemplar of stash-building acumen?)

I’m the same way about other purchases: I seldom buy one. It’s many or none. Flannel nighties on sale at Mervyn’s for $8 each? I’m taking home four. A flattering skirt at 75% off? I’m getting one in every color. I wait every year for Bath & Body Works‘ January sale then buy enough bubbling, exfoliating, moisturizing, and girly-girl-enhancing products to last me a full twelve months until the sale comes around again. (This year’s big winners? The tomato facial scrub and the orange-mint overnight foot treatment. Also, pretty much everything in the grapefruit fragrance.)

But I can tell you right now, that Peruvian Highland Silk was no mistake. Crunchy, orange wool-silk blend—I’ll be knitting that up within days of its arrival.

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