Tuesday Mewsday: Two’s Company; Three’s a Crowd

That’s what Melissa calls this pair of photos.

When the weather gets cold, Maggie and Damian snuggle.
Maggie and Damian cuddle up
Sometimes there is a bit of too-vigorous ear-washing and things go all to hell, but the lower the temperature the less frequent the squabbles.

Archy, on the other hand, doesn’t care how cold it is.
Archy says bah humbug
He will not be snuggling up with Maggie or Damian—even if his home gets as cold as Lambeau Field during a Packers play-off game.

And now, I must write up the last handout for my 10:00 class. With luck, I’ll be able to sneak in a few rows on my new knitting project once that’s done.

2 Replies to “Tuesday Mewsday: Two’s Company; Three’s a Crowd”

  1. Hi

    I’d really like to use your photo of “Three’s a crowd” to illustrate a resource I’m putting on our website for 6-8 year-olds. We are a not for profit educational organisation, part of the Millennium Mathematics Project, which is based in the University of Cambridge, UK, and which aims to provide exciting maths resources for school children and students.

    In the hope that this is OK, I’ve put your photo, credited to your website, (cropped and made a little smaller) on the page at http://motivate.maths.org/content/RemainderofOne/threesacrowd, but of course I’ll remove it if you’re not happy with that use.



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